Bastin Logan Water Services, Inc. (BLWSI) has designed, fabricated and installed over 60 package water treatment plants throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky over the past 35 years. These package water treatment plants range from 100 GPM to 1,200 GPM and are constructed of carbon steel and/or stainless steel. BLWSI uses the most current design techniques developed during their 35 years of water plant service experience including:

  • Aluminum induced draft aerators (with hinged door)
  • Replaceable aeration zone slat tubes
  • Various steel thickness options from ¼” to ½” thick
  • Stainless steel construction (100 GPM to 350 GPM size)
  • Stainless steel self- cleaning underdrain baffles (no plastic)
  • Custom detention tank heights (if required)
  • Custom filter face piping (if required)
  • Factory applied interior lining/coatings
  • Various manway size and material options