Filter Media Replacement

Bastin Logan Water Services, Inc. (BLWSI) has been a leader in filter media sampling, testing, and replacement for over 35 years. Whether it be horizontal pressure filters, open gravity filters, package water treatment plants or zeolite softeners, BLWSI can provide complete turnkey media replacement services.

Filter Media Removal

Typically vacuum removal is used in media removal, with vacuum hose extending from the vac truck to the filter vessel. By using the vacuum truck and hose, it keeps the work area clean and relatively dust-free, both inside and outside the water treatment plant.

Filter Media Installation

The installation of support gravels, sand and anthracite can be done in a variety of ways. Induction equipment, super sacks or individually packaged media can be utilized for each specific project.

Filter Baffle Inspection

One thing that sets BLWSI apart from all other competitors is the knowledge of the various filter floor baffle design and functions. Once a filter is clear of all media and support gravel, each filter underdrain plate floor is inspected and baffles cleaned. These baffles are then tested for structural integrity and checked for free passage of water flow.